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Are You Progressing As A Foiler (Beginner)- Kite Hydrofoiling

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Welcome back another article on Lahoma Winds! So here we are in North America, slowly approaching the full wrath of the winter season with limited travel opportunities. We made our wind sport wish lists. It falls in line with our personal wind sport pie chart. But hopefully it can give you some ideas for your loved ones or provide hints for your loved ones to purchase for their loved ones during this Christmas season. Since we started wing foiling the constant flex position was limiting my sessions on the water by more than 75 percent.

Just due to hand cramping the difficult part is that you want a glove that is thick enough for warmth but also pliable enough to not fatigue. Your grip on the handles or when holding a bar and a great solution is the pre-curve grip of the nil pride armor skin gloves with a three millimeter five finger option for days. When the air water combination is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit then five millimeter three finger option for those even colder water sessions. So the mix of a pre-curved finger mold suitable thickness and elasticity has made it a perfect accessory for lengthening.




So we are currently working on a couple of review videos and comparisons on these revolutionary movements in the inflatable kite market. But in the meantime just to let you know for light wind free ride kite foiling they are bridging the gap in efficiency between the ram air and the tube kite. It's true they are somewhat pricey but if their claims have not only decreased weight also increased durability hold up. Then you may be able to justify this purchase after all they are going to add sessions on the water and how do you put a price on that. So which one is better kept an eye out for our upcoming comparisons as we test these two kites throughout the winter. If you are a wing foiler and you have tested a number of hand wings.





We hope that you would give the duotone unit a chance. Our first love was the f1 swing but the more we ride the more we appreciate the rigidity of the unit especially. When attempting to perform attack or we need to tap into more power we find the unit to handle a huge range of wind.  You can pump it as low as 4 psi in less stable gusty conditions and you can pump it to a higher psi in lighter and more stable conditions for even more power. The only question that we do have though is when we get lighter materials. We guess that will make them even more expensive as well and more on that in a bit at this date. We would choose the unit as our go-to wing let's act as if travel will occur again. How practical is the split board technology of Nobile these boards have been around for a few years.



So while we've personally gone with the pocket board for foiling. The split board is the perfect option for the twin tip traveler. So the foil has been around for a little while but they have been quickly disregarded once the price is shown. After all they have been about the same as a new Chevrolet sparks seriously almost the same price as a brand new car. But now we do has come out with a much more manageable price point for an electric hydrofoil






It's time to start getting into the feeling of flying a four-line kite and the perfect accessory is the ion ripper kid’s harness. We like to pair it with the fly surfer peak 44 meter size due to the kite's lack of lift. Just don't use that with kids on the water because it's not a great re-launcher. But it is a great kite for you to use in a dual purpose way. It's a great option for your own kite flooring and speaking of the fly surfer peak 4 which we have praised the last two years.




They have a 6 meter and this is exciting and we are eager to try it out. We are comfortably able to foil in winds of around 12 miles per hour on the five meter peak four. So how much lower can you go with the six meter. We hope to find out soon not much more needs to be said about the one wheel that hasn't already been stated. If you are a water sports junkie it is the perfect dry land complement and is actually a sport in itself the smaller pint. We will see you next time on Lahoma Winds


Video credit & lesson Credit from Kyle Oklahoma.

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