Lahoma Winds

Lahomawinds is more than just a watersports equipment brand; it's a symbol of Liberty with a design influenced by wind sports athletes from North America. Much like the image of Surfer which we use as the logo, our journey has been carefully crafted to fit the space we occupy. We are renowned in our market and continue to serve our customers with the same passion and commitment as we have since day one.


Lahomawinds manufactures only the best wingfoiling equipment. Our strict quality control standards have earned us a reputation among our clients as a leading provider of safe, reliable products that continually exceed expectations. We can generate such a high caliber of the product due to our many international quality assurance systems and an intricate, in-house test lab. Before any wingfoing product is cleared for shipping, it must meet rigorous control standards across a series of performance and operability benchmarks.

Our Mission

At Lahomawinds, we provide the highest quality wingfoiling gear at the most affordable price so every customer can find a wing, foil, or board, or any other accessories they need. Our belief was that increasing access to winging equipment with a better price point would increase reach and involvement in the sport. We create products that inspire people to live their lives freely and faithfully; exploring, creating, and living life at the moment.

Our Value

• Passion: Whether it's to our customers, our communities, or each other, we place our service-oriented mindset at the top of the list of our most important values.
• Authenticity: Too many brands make their way by over-promising and under-delivering. We stay true to who we are, focusing on the products we know best to bring you the greatest wingfoiling gear can buy.
• Excellence: In both our products and our actions, Lahomawinds maintains a firm commitment to excellence in all we do.
• Innovation: We believe that meaningful, productive change only comes by looking at challenges and opportunities from a new perspective and exercising our intellectual curiosity.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Lahomawinds is one of the most experienced manufacturers of watersports products. With our production capacity, We're Supplying a variety of wing foiling gear, boards, towable tubes, inflatable boat, ISUP for many well know brands not just our own brand Lahomawinds. Since our excellent quality and professional service, we have won our customers‘ trust and admiration.

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