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WIND HAWK - Inflatable Wingsurf Board With FOOTSTRAPE
Wingfoiling is addictive and such a fun activity for people of all ages. It targets almost every muscle in your body and provides a great workout while having a total blast spending time outdoors on the water. · Compact and convenient:...
Dark Horse Wingsurf Wings- 4.2M²/5M²/6M²
Lahomawinds - Dark Horse WingThis wing is very stable, yet easy to “break over” with tacks, 360s, and other freeride and freestyle maneuvers. You will quickly find the DH wing a great all-around performer on the water and a more than a formidable tool in any winger’s quiver.·Adaptive Wing Design: Controlled Power, Performance, and Comfort·Texture: the highest grade Tech fiber triple ripstop canopy and German Dacron·Dual valve inflation system: function as a single through a leading-edge to center strut hose connector·2 perfectly spaced and comfortable handles: allow for easy trimming of power, and ease of regripping with transitions and luffing·Size:  4.2, 5.0, and 6.0 Meters ·Usage Recommend Inflate 6-7 PSI: The FIRST time inflation is recommended to inflate to 4-5 PSI. DO NOT OVER INFLATE.
Dark Horse Wingfoil Rigid Boards - Blue&Orange
The Lahoma Dark Horse rigid board is designed for riders who want to excel in winging, and downwind. The revolutionary shape and construction are designed to fit all levels from beginners to the most advanced riders. Size available from 40L-140L for...
Dark Horse Hydrofoil 1300
The Lahomawinds Dark Horse 1300 Carbon Hydrofoil Technical Data: WINGSPAN: 909 mm / 36 inches MAX CHORD: 213mm, 8.3 inches ASPECT RATIO: 6.8 ACTUAL AREA: 1320 square cm /204 square inches PROJECTED AREA:1262 square cm/195.6 square inches VOLUME: 1554 cubic cm / 94 cubic inches   RECOMMENDED USE: WING...
$769.00 $744.00
Dark Horse Wingsurf Foil 1800
The Lahomawinds Dark horse 1800 Carbon Hydrofoil Technical Data:WINGSPAN: 1060 mm / 42 inchesMAX CHORD: 232mm / 9 inchesASPECT RATIO: 6.51ACTUAL AREA: 1828 square cm / 283 square inchesPROJECTED AREA: 1756 square cm / 272 square inchesVOLUME: 2925 cubic cm / 178 cubic inches RECOMMENDED USE:Wing Surfing for all levels and medium + conditions. Super stable for the sizeDownwinding - Medium+ conditions and intermediate+ levelSUP / Surf - Medium+ conditions and intermediate levelWake foiling - Intermediate+ levelPump foiling - Intermediate+ levelWindsurf foiling - Intermediate+ level
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