Setup and breakdown of a hand wing | Lahoma Winds

Setup and breakdown of a hand wing | Lahoma Winds


This articles shows you a few operatinal oconsiderations with this inflatable wing. If you have questions about how to actually use the hand wing and progress with your wing foiling well then just click on the link and browse through the winging it playlist the hand wing comes with a bag and wrist leash you can use any standard nozzle air pump to inflate your hand wing.


The dream catcher comes with two identical and independent valves one for the leading edge and one for the strut the benefit of a two valve system is to be able to empty the center strut more efficiently for safety on the water. If one of the bladder systems do fail and for the capability of being more inflation specific to your preferences between the two sections to inflate the dream catcher just unscrew the top section of the valve and place.
The pump adapter into that valve make sure to tether the wing to the pump at the leash attachment for inflation pump the leading edge first to six to seven psi after completing inflation of the leading edge remove the pump adapter and screw on the top valve attachment make sure that the bottom piece of the valve cover and the top piece are tightened fully before covering with the Velcro valve cover now repeat again for the center strut attach your wrist to the leading edge.




Now, Handle this is my preference due to the increased durability of this junction rather than the position of the standard leash attachment when you are ready to deflate your hand wing and pack up unscrew the base of the center strut valve and then the base of the leading edge valve.



Your dream catcher will empty air very efficiently at this point due to its two valve system unpack the dream catcher fold from the tips towards the center strut do not roll and then from the trailing edge of the hand wing fold. The wing into a square and pack into the provided backpack so that's the overview of the Lahoma winds dream catcher hand wing now get out there and enjoy your wing foiling. Adventures also take a look at some of the Lahoma winds lineup such as the wind hawk inflatable wing foil board and ice up as well as other accessories.

 Video & credit to - Oklahoma kyle

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