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Kiteboarding -Are You Progressing As A Beginner Kiter (8 Water Checks)

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Welcome back to the lahoma winds in this episode we're gonna look at eight checks to see if you're progressing as a kiteboarder use. This episode is a gauge to see whether or not you have weaknesses and areas. We need to improve you know when we first decided to become a kite boarder. The first thing We went out. We purchased all our gear. So we were completely committed now that's not something. We would recommend it for everyone. But honestly, we wouldn't have done. That we probably would have given up the whole venture of becoming a kiteboarder. We did probably have a youtube channel currently called something like when kids attack something like that.


But here's the thing when you go out and you're first learning the kiteboard it can be extremely intimidating you look around. You see these kiters doing tricks that just seem completely unattainable and it becomes a little bit overwhelming. So in today's episode let's look at an on the water checklist of some areas that maybe you need to improve on as a progressing kiteboarder. Maybe you check every box but maybe you don't check every box. We can identify some areas for improvement in your personal kiteboard progression are you bogging down on the takeoff on your water starts. Maybe you're trying to go up when too early. Your first initiation on the water start really is to try to get more downwind.


Once you've gained some speed then work on pouring the board upwind and tacking upwind. But initially get the water start more downwind with the
initial movement. Number two is posture are you riding the kiteboard in a crouched position or is your front knee extended. Your back knees are slightly flexed with a straight erected posture with hip extension as you're riding if you're riding in a squaddie position. It's going to limit all of your progression going forward check your posture to make sure that you're a good tall straight knee on the front extended. A little bit of flexion on your back knee number three is sinking on transitions. It is absolutely unavoidable early on in the development of kiting to not go in the water when you transition directions. We think a lot of times when you're working on transitions. And you're sinking in the water is because you're just too impatient.




Let's start looking at trying to time your jumps to extend your knees extend your hips at the same time. You're coming off of the water may be right now.  You feel like even though you send your kite overhead as powerfully as you can. You have the speed that you're still stuck on the water. It's very possible it's because you're just not extending at the point of ejection when the kite takes you off the surface of the water most of it is timing but it's going to add to the height of your jumps. The consistency in your jumps and you're not gonna feel like you're stuck on the water every time. You throw that kite and send it overhead 212 looks. We know this episode was a little longer than normal.




However, we think it's very important to address some of these frustrations in developing Keiter as you're trying to progress.  It's good to go through a checklist to see whether or not there are some points that you're just missing. That you've overlooked as you're progressing as a kite or this world of kiteboarding can be very intimidating especially considering how it's such a community setting please subscribe to our channel. And also turn on the notifications bell for future episodes that are coming out also visit lahoma winds and sign up for our newsletter. Where you'll be able to find additional materials in the coming months see you next time on the lahoma winds.


Video credit & lesson Credit from Kyle Oklahoma.

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